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Driven by the principles of Traditional Chinese medicine and current scientific/medical research, Dr. Romina Taheri specializes in treatments designed to address physical and emotional pain management based on her patient's individual needs.

These are her most popular treatments, which she is excited to offer to all of her new patients. 

Acupuncture Services

  • Acupuncture
  • Cupping
  • Detoxification
  • Facial and Body Rejuvenation
  • Acupuncture Prices



Acupuncture is an ancient practice of healing dating back over 2500 years.  In a healthy state, an abundant supply of Qi (vital energy) runs through our body.

Acupuncture stimulates very specific points of the body in order to release energy blockages and to encourage the healthy flow of Qi.

By stimulating these points, acupuncture has the ability to modify the biochemical and physiological conditions of your body, in order to achieve a balance.

Many benefits can result from regular acupuncture treatments.



  • Promotes blood flow

  • Stimulates the body’s healing mechanism

  • Relaeases the body’s natural pain killers

  • Reduces the intensity and perception of chronic pain

  • Relaxes sore muscles

  • Reduces stress


What to expect in your first treatment session:

The initial session usually involves an assessment of your overall general health, a medical history and a physical examination followed by acupuncture.


Before your first acupuncture session:

  • Please bear in mind to wear a comfortable clothing.

  • Do not go to your treatment on an empty stomach or straight after a heavy meal.


The number of sesions depends entirely on the individual patient and their condition.


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Cupping is a form of traditional therapy that involves cups being placed on the skin to create suction.  The negative pressure created by the suction, causes muscles to loosen and promote blood flow.

Cupping is often used for neck pains, stiff muscles, fatigue, stress, cellulite and to reduce facial skin wrinkling.  


This treatment is also one of the best forms of deep tissue therapy that promotes blood flow in arteries and veins while also extracting toxins from the body.


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Detoxification is based on the principle of Chinese Medicine.  This therapy  is the most gentle yet effective way of cleansing your body.


Detoxification involves regulating and tonifying the functions of our body’s internal organs ( mainly lungs, liver and kidneys).  This procedure  helps the body to get rid of waste and toxins through the processes of perspiration, urination and elimination.  


Detoxification can also help reduce cravings for unhealthy foods or smoking which are known to be a couple of the leading causes for toxin accumulation.

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Facial and body Rejuvenation


Traditional Chinese Medicine facial rejuvenation is a non surgical/invasive ancient Chinese art form which dates back hundreds of years.  This treatment was often performed for the ladies of the imperial court as an aesthetic procedure to reduce wrinkles and signs of ageing.


As a traditionally trained doctor in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Romina Taheri is focusing  her knowledge and experience into the development of  innovative facial and body rejuvenation treatments that encompass some Traditional Chinese medicine modalities and combines them with the art and science of aromatherapy.


In order to address  her patients individual needs, Dr. Taheri delivers an  individualized  and custom made treatment using her own blend of oils and her vast  knowledge and experience in TCM/acupuncture and cupping.


Facial Rejuvenation Benefits:

  • Increases circulation and oxygenates skin

  • Tightens pores and improves complexion

  • Nourishes and moisturizes skin

  • Encourages collagen and elastin production


Body Rejuvenation Benefits:

  • Improves blood circulation

  • Reduces inflamation

  • Destresses the body

  • Encourages  lymphatic drainage

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Acupuncture Prices

Individual Sessions

1st Session: 

  • $110/session

2nd Session (and additional sessions): 

  • $80/session


5 Sessions: 

  • $375

10 Sessions:

  • $700 


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